Route 2 over Route 2A


Project Summary

This bridge “heavy lift” project is the first of its kind in New England. TranSystems served as the prime design consultant on a design-build team. TranSystems was responsible for the design of all project elements, including a complete superstructure replacement, modifications to the bridge abutments, reconstruction of approximately 1,000 feet of Route 2, temporary Route 2 ramp widening, and modifications to several local intersections.To minimize impacts to the abutters and traveling public, MassDOT asked the project team to deliver a design-build project that would replace this damaged bridge in 6 months from Notice to Proceed (NTP). TranSystems and SPS New England developed a plan to construct the new bridge adjacent to the existing bridge and move the new bridge onto the original bridge’s rehabilitated abutments overnight. Given the extremely compressed schedule, maintenance of traffic played a critical role in the project. TranSystems developed a traffic management plan that incorporated temporary widening and geometric improvements to the existing interchange ramps in order to provide two lanes which would be used to carry Route 2 around the project site.

Project Highlights

  • Innovative construction techniques were used to minimize disruption to the traveling public and accelerate construction
  • Prime designer on design/build team
  • Completed within budget and completed ahead of schedule

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