Ortega River Bascule Bridge

Florida DOT - District 2

Project Summary

Built in the 1920s, the Ortega River Bascule Bridge is a double-leaf rolling lift bridge that opens for marine traffic more than 15,000 times per year. TranSystems completed a preliminary study of the bridge’s condition and then prepared plans, specifications and estimates for necessary repairs. The rehabilitation conisted of the replacement of numerous components of the mechanical and electrical systems, including replacement of the control console, system and rail to provide more space in the existing control house, replacement of the existing drives, a new relay-based control system, upgrading the span drive and lock machinery, replacement of span support machinery components as needed to meet all AASHTO requirements and eliminate failure of pintles, replacement of the existing CCTV system, and replacement of the existing traffic warning gates and signals. To address the problem of potentially frozen bearing areas at the approach spans, laminated neoprene elastomeric bearing pads were installed at the approach spans.

Project Highlights

  • Double-leaf rolling lift bridge
  • The study incorporated laser surveying techniques

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