Cochrane Cable Stayed Bridge

Alabama DOT

Project Summary

The Cochrane Bridge is a twin-pylon cable-stayed bridge with a 1,500-ft long cable-stayed main span unit and total length of 7,291 ft. The structure carries four lanes of US Highways 90 and 31 over the Mobile River. When the Alabama DOT was alerted to excessive stay cable vibrations of the bridge under a combination of light rain and wind, they retained TranSystems to lead a comprehensive program of inspection, testing and evaluation of the main span superstructure and stay cable system. The investigation involved an in-depth inspection of the stay cables, anchorages and protective grout, ultrasonic inspection of the cables strands at the anchorages, cable force measurements using a laser vibrometer and measurement of the aerodynamic characteristics of the stay cables. Based on the firm’s recommendations, a bridge retrofit program successfully solved the problem.

Project Highlights

  • Inspection, testing and evaluation of the main span
  • Recommended solution: a bridge retrofit program
  • TranSystems provided all phases, including full-time construction services

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