Bridges and Tunnels


Bridges and Tunnels

Over rivers, roads, and railways, bridges fill gaps to maintain the flow of goods and services, and get people to where they need to go in the most expedient and reliable way possible. At TranSystems, we design our bridges to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, safe and economically feasible.

Designing bridges – short or long span, fixed or movable – using steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and post-tensioned concrete has been the cornerstone of TranSystems’ business since our inception. Our structures are designed as simple, multiple or continuous spans; and viaducts that carry highways, railroads and pedestrians over roads, rivers and railroads using various cast-in-place and precast substructure elements under a variety of foundation conditions. Our team excels in providing successful solutions to complex structural issues including multiple design stages, complex weaving patterns for traffic maintenance during construction and expert analysis to context sensitive design issues.

ENR’s Top 25 in Bridges reveals TranSystems in the number 10 spot securing the firm’s practice area among the top of those ranked around the country. TranSystems has designed numerous award-winning bridges that utilize ingenious and economical means to achieve extraordinary ends. This includes working with an artist to interpret a truss shape into structurally functional bridge elements, integrating materials and finishes to match a city’s architecture and incorporating a community’s cultural themes.

We don’t stop there. Our engineers continue to be available to provide knowledge and advice through the construction process. We offer project management support acting as an extension of the client in managing contractors, tracking change orders, maintaining traffic and monitoring contract progress to ensure your project is completed to your ultimate expectation – meeting the needs of stakeholders across the community.

Inspection and Load Rating

TranSystems has a national reputation for excellence and innovation in the inspection and evaluation of highway, railroad, and transit bridges. This reputation has been earned through our performance of inspections on landmark bridges; reinforced by the numerous state DOTs and agencies who have contracted us to perform inspection programs for their bridge inventories and provide bridge inspection training for their in-house inspection staff; and proven by our selection to “write the books” for manuals, codes, and standards which govern the inspection and evaluation of the nation’s highway bridges.
TranSystems engineers are pioneers in the performance of routine, fracture critical, special member, and damage inspections for routine, complex, and difficult access structures. Our staff is familiar with the operation of all types of specialized lift equipment, design and use of rigging systems, and specialists in protected bridge climbing techniques. Our engineers plan the most appropriate access method for each structure, to reduce inspection time, increase structure accessibility, improve safety and reduce disruption of normal traffic patterns and operations.
We are proficient in the calculation of load ratings for structures ranging from simple span stringer bridges and culverts to the most complex of bridge types, including: curved steel and prestressed/post-tensioned concrete bridges; steel trusses and complex box girders; suspension bridges; and all types of movable bridges. Our engineers have in-house capability to analyze 2-D or 3-D structural systems under static or dynamic loading. We are experts using a number of structural analysis programs giving us the flexibility to analyze complex structures, either in their entirety or sub-assemblies.


Movable bridge spans are unique in their ability to provide a connection over a body of water while also compensating for the water traffic that travels below. These structures can include more complex electrical components and innovative design to compensate for their moving parts. TranSystems’ movable structures promote the timely and safe delivery of people and goods from here to there. Our structural, mechanical and electrical engineering personnel work as one unit to deliver the ideal solution for each movable bridge challenge. Engineering News Record’s Top 25 in Bridges reveals TranSystems in the number 10 spot, and we take pride in our innovative design and palatable solutions.

Our knowledgeable staff offers you depth and breadth of experience in countless designs, rehabilitations and inspections of many movable rail and highway bridges. In fact, members of our staff authored the AASHTO Movable Bridge Inspection Evaluation and Maintenance Manual. We have intimate knowledge and understanding of the standards by which the nation’s movable bridges are evaluated. TranSystems offers comprehensive teams with all the skills and expertise necessary to deliver a superior movable bridge project.


Bridging the past with the present can be a challenge. Incorporating historical elements into new design and appropriately capturing the unique characteristics of the structure is TranSystems’ specialty. With a multi-disciplined team of bridge engineers, architectural historians and construction support specialists that have a deep understanding of older bridges, TranSystems can evaluate the history of an important structure and recommend and/or design appropriate upgrades.

TranSystems has comprehensive resources and capabilities to evaluate and propose proper treatments for these historic bridges. From inspection to testing, analysis to alternatives development, public involvement to design, we preserve historic bridges with innovative techniques for continued use.

Our knowledgeable staff provides services such as: evaluation of existing structures, including inspection testing programs and analysis; rehabilitation alternatives; mitigation plans; preliminary and final construction cost estimates; environmental agency and state historic preservation office coordination; design and detailing of repairs, retrofits and partial replacements; innovative solutions to reduce dead load weight and increase live load capacity, incorporation of lost elements into rehabilitated bridges; public meeting coordination and presentations; permits, coordination and applications; constructability analysis; and construction engineering services.


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