Union Pacific Railroad San Antonio Intermodal Terminal

Union Pacific Railroad

Project Summary

When operational demands required replacement of UPRR's San Antonio existing trailer/container transfer facilities, the railroad called on TranSystems, which has provided design services for numerous UPRR projects. The project team designed a new 200-foot-long precast concrete highway bridge to provide access from the adjacent freeway to the site, along with six railroad bridges. The new intermodal terminal will include 18 miles of track, internal roadways, parking for employee vehicles, trailers and containers, a locomotive servicing area, and fueling and maintenance areas for rubber-tired gantry and hostler vehicles. The TranSystems team also designed office and maintenance buildings, and all infrastructure components.

Project Highlights

  • Design services for numerous Union Pacific Railroad projects
  • New intermodal terminal includes 18 miles of track, roadways, fueling and maintenance areas, etc.

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