CSX NW Ohio Intermodal Terminal


Project Summary

Evansville Western Railway and CSX Intermodal planned a major state of the art intermodal hub in North Baltimore, Ohio to perform multiple block swapping and sorting of intermodal freight. The facility will unload and reload containers of thru traffic as well as accommodate the arrival and departure of truck traffic via a gate.  The facility will have fueling capabilities for locomotive engines via fueling trucks supported by a large fuel storage tank. TranSystems preformed the preliminary sizing and layout of the facility to ensure the function of the terminal would meet the operational objectives.  Once the conceptual plan was developed, TranSystems developed preliminary engineering plan and specifications suitable for a design building bidding process. The plans included horizontal and vertical track design of over 100,000 feet of track, drainage analyses, parking area, lighting, entrance gate layout and pavement sections.

Project Highlights

  • Performed preliminary sizing and layout for state-of-the-art facility
  • Ensuring the function of the terminal would meet operational objectives

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