Laurel Street/BNSF Grade Separation


Project Summary

TranSystems provided SANBAG environmental design and final design services for th grade-separated undercrossing of Laurel Street with six BNSF tracks. TranSystems is the prime consultant currently providing environmental and final design services for the construction of a grade-separated undercrossing of Laurel Street with six Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) tracks in the City of Colton, California. The construction of this underpass will separate vehicular traffic from rail traffic in order to enhance safety, improve local traffic circulation, reduce air quality emissions, and establish a train horn quiet zone within city limits. Several alternatives were developed and evaluated to minimize right-of-way impacts as much as possible. TranSystems’ team is responsible for the required environmental documents, preparation of a Project Report/Equivalent Document (PR/ED), geometric development, preparation of required base maps and plan sheets, structures plans, drainage and pump station design, stage construction and TMP, establishing right-of-way needs, and utility relocation. This project requires coordination of a large group of subconsultants and addresses every aspect of grade separation project design.

Project Highlights

  • Environmental and final design for grade separated undercrossing
  • Enhancing safety and traffic in the area
  • Established a quiet zone, free of train whistle noise

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