Ouachita River Bridge Rehabilitation

Kansas City Southern Railway

Project Summary

TranSystems was selected by the Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS) for the rehabilitation of the Ouachita River Bridge. Built in 1906, the bridge is 1,000-ft with a 295-ft center swing span and is on the Meridian Speedway that connects Shreveport, LA to Meridian, MS. In recent years the center pier supporting the swing span has shifted 14 inches leaving an S-curve in the track causing a dangerous situation for the 18 trains that cross the bridge daily. TranSystems designed a full rehabilitation of the existing bridge in three phases. Two phases were combined to meet the aggressive schedule as part of the Project Orion Capacity Improvement Program.

Project Highlights

  • Rehabilitation of 1906 bridge
  • Designed solution to dangerous S-curve caused by center pier shifting
  • Combined two phases to meet aggressive schedule

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