Counterterrorism Training Facility

Department of Homeland Security

Project Summary

The Situational Training Complex (STC), a former barracks/office space at the Federal Law Enforcement and Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, GA, represents a new paradigm for counter-terrorism training. The renovated facility replicates real-life venues in which counterterrorism activity might occur, such as government buildings and a hotel. A tactical exercise area includes moveable walls that allow for varied assault and rescue scenarios.  TranSystems’ design ingenuity delivered the facility at a quarter of the cost of new construction. The project was commended by the FLETC, which serves such agencies as the FBI, CIA and ATF.

Project Highlights

  • Counterterrorism training facility
  • Delivered facility at a quarter of the cost of new construction
  • Replicates real-life venues, such as government buildings or hotels for training scenarios

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