BRAC 120 Person Dormitory

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Project Summary

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Savannah District, Moody Air Force Base, Georgia

TranSystems' military dormitory designs developed since the turn of the century are very much alike – and all revolutionary in their energy-saving LEED features.  At the same time, they are compliant with the Air Force Facility Design Guide for Enlisted Dormitories (1997) and DoD Anti-Terrorism Standards.  This 46,790 sq ft, 120-person dormitory at Moody AFB follows the pattern of its predecessors, with early planning allowing for the incorporation of geothermal heating/cooling systems, multi-modal campus transportation facilities, and attractive, sustainable materials – all within the typical per-person budget for conventional dormitory buildings.

Project Highlights

  • Energy efficient and sustainable design
  • 120-person dormitory
  • Compliant with Air Force and DoD standards

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