Integrated Service Offerings

With a full spectrum of disciplines, industry focus, and geographic reach, we have the tools to take our client’s vision from the conceptual environment to the built environment. We can provide you with an entire suite of services – aeronautical survey, runway design and construction management, and rental car facility design – or we’ll work with you on individual elements of a project to meet your needs – construction inspection, utility coordination, environmental compliance, or financial modeling to name a few.  Our experience crosses the entire spectrum of transportation-related systems, we tailor our approach to your individual project.

Moving people and products to their destination calls for the absolute best in planning, analysis, design and implementation. Our architectural, engineering and planning services are enriched by the integration of our management consulting, security and real estate expertise. Working together in unison, these domains of knowledge come together under one roof…in service to our clients.

Simulation and Analytical Modeling

Simulation is an indispensable tool for rapidly quantifying the operational impact of changes to facilities, systems, and processes – and to experiment with “what-if” scenarios prior to implementation. It provides the ability to model, analyze, optimize, test and select the best possible alternative solutions, while taking into consideration variables associated with demand Click here to read more


The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.  Click here to read more

Structural Engineering

From a hardworking megaton freight rail bridge, to a soaring airport atrium, to the tarmac on which a military bomber lands and the state-of-the-art hangar that houses it, structural engineering is the necessary support of any facility’s utilitarian design. Click here to read more

Space Planning/Interior Design/Retail Design

For more than a quarter century, TranSystems has successfully fused the principles of industrial design and interior design to create spaces for the passenger rail and transit, federal, manufacturing and distribution, and aviation sectors, where function and façade are highly complementary.  Click here to read more

Airfield and Landside Engineering

Airport improvements are necessary to update operations, facilities, and services facilitating the necessary flow of people and goods from parking and baggage through take-off or landing. Whether domestic or international, commercial or cargo, civilian or military, TranSystems offers comprehensive experience in the areas of airside facilities design and rehabilitation.  Click here to read more

Traffic Engineering

TranSystems is an industry leader in traffic engineering and planning, specializing in the development of innovative and cost effective solutions to traffic challenges. Click here to read more

Architectural Design

Architectural design is central to our range of service offerings. We offer comprehensive architectural and planning services including master planning, programming, design-build document preparation, interior and complete design across the built environment on both the people-moving and goods-moving side of the economy.  Click here to read more


As one of TranSystems’ core competencies, we supply engineering solutions throughout our nine market sectors to enhance the constructability, safety, efficiency, quality, reliability, and ROI of a multitude of transportation infrastructure projects. Click here to read more


TranSystems is uniquely focused on providing integrated solutions in planning, engineering, and consulting for both public and private sector clients. Assisting clients along a spectrum of environmental pursuits, TranSystems conducts environmental site assessments, and provides NEPA, ecological and archaeological services. Click here to read more

Real Estate

At TranSystems we recognize real estate as the strategic asset it is. Construction, purchase or lease of real property commits your enterprise to the site for a period of time, carrying implications for workflow, logistics, workforce, balance sheet, income statement, tax base, regulatory environment, and public relations exposure.  Click here to read more


TranSystems' security solutions bring resolution to the four most common motivations in the public and private sector: risk mitigation in the face of a recognized threat, regulatory compliance and the risk of penalties, liability and tort exposure in the event of an incident, and public expectation. Click here to read more
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