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TranSystems believes deeply in supporting the communities we serve by identifying great causes and providing the monetary contributions and volunteer assistance that make a difference. We regularly search out local or national philanthropies and other associations that share in our value of creating a better quality of life for communities everywhere.


RFK is TranSystems’ official non-profit. In every city along the various racing circuits, the professional drivers with
Racing for Kids visit that city’s children’s hospital. Real-time Indy racers, and their colleagues in the racing world,
introduce the kids to the sport of professional automobile racing, show them their protective gear and uniforms,
chat and joke, and on occasion, invite the patients to investigate an actual Indy racing car in the parking lot.

  We like the organization’s close link to transportation, our own passion.
  But most of all we like the mission. Those visits have the potential to
  nourish a family’s endurance, bring cheer, lessen the tedium of the
  hours, and connect everyone in the room to the happenings outside
  of the hospital. Who’s to say, but we think now and again it might even 
  affect the outcome.

  We believe this relationship is our chance as an organization to ease the way of people along some of the rockiest
roads that life has to offer.

  The leadership at TranSystems is fully engaged with this  
  commitment,both personally and financially. We conduct annual fund
  drives and whatever the amount colleagues contribute, TranSystems
  matches it in addition to our corporate donations.

  We are behind those racers 100 percent. They enter those hospital 
  rooms over and over again, and don’t leave until those kids feel special. We can’t think of anything more honorable.

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In The News

The January 2017 issue of RT&S features a look at the work TranSystems performed as part of the CREATE Program P1 project.
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On August 20, the Leadership Council of Southwestern Illinois presented the findings of a study on freight transportation in the St. Louis region. TranSystems' own Sara Clark discussed how the region has the ability to be a key distribution center for freight — keying in on opportunities for advancing investment in freight, logistics, and transportation in the area.
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In The Spotlight

TranSystems served as the program management engineer for the historic reconstruction of Chicago's Wacker Drive. click to read
James Eads’s double-deck Mississippi River crossing at St. Louis made history as the first major steel arch bridge in the world. Now crews have begun work on the first complete rehabilitation of the lower deck since the bridge opened, in 1874.

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