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  Welcome to the career section of TranSystems' website. There's a dynamic 
  future ahead of all of us in transportation; we invite you to share that future with

  Remember the first time you felt the ground rock under your feet as a locomotive
  thundered by? Do you get a charge from the hurry and purpose in the airport,
  the train station, the port? Do you step back now and again and marvel at how
  transportation touches all of our lives, as businesses and individuals?

  We do. That's why our focus is completely on transportation, all modes, all applications, all disciplines. We're looking for people - diverse, committed, talented, spirited, collegial - who feel that same challenge and promise of transportation. 

We embrace the architectural, engineering and planning disciplines, but go beyond to incorporate supply chain and transportation real estate consulting, as well as other allied management consulting services. We have a nationwide network of offices serving major metropolitan regions. Our range of services is as broad as our geographic reach.

We maintain the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct and offer an exceptional environment full of challenge and reward. Employee ownership is internalized in the TranSystems' way of thinking, giving our employees a high stake in achieving success.

Gain experience working and leading a team responsible for high profile projects; grow into a project manager with responsibilities for developing client relations; teach a team of consultants how to execute a successful project on time. If these or our other potential futures match your career ambitions, please take this opportunity to search our Career Opportunities page for an up-to-date listing of jobs in your area.

Brian Larson President & CEO, TranSystems

In The News

Randall plan gets OK in three separate votes early Tuesday afternoon, the County Board granted a $9.1 million contract to TranSystems to design the project...
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At CityLink's meeting Monday, the board unanimously approved a contract with TranSystems, based out of Chicago, to conduct a feasibility study on a new transit center in Northwest Peoria.
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The city's Board of Public Works and Safety is hoping to make it easier for pedestrians, including the handicapped, to cross Canadian National tracks. The board approved a contract Friday with TranSystems...
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The district [Fremont City Schools] and Ohio Department of Transportation consultants unveiled their ideas for the Safet Routes to Schools proposal....."The biggest part is just getting the kids active and making it better to walk and bike to school," said Jennifer Spinosi of TranSystems.
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Snaking through the heart of downtown, Wacker Drive presented rebuilders with one of the most challenging transportation projects ever undertaken in Chicago.


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TranSystems has been hired to assist in putting together a plan for correcting problems in getting vegetation established on
some areas along the Nelsonville bypass.
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TranSystems performed the first safety inspection on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas using rope access techniques. 

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TranSystems provides plan for safe routes to school in Ohio.

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TranSystems served as the prime consultant and the transportation, structural and civil engineer for the award-winning project for Chicago's DOT. 
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